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We Could Be Heroes

True. Hank Hudson almost burned down the whole school—but it wasn’t his fault. He was only trying to destroy the sad book his teacher wouldn’t stop reading, and that was only because the story kept sucking him into the scary autism place that shatters his body, making everything spikey, heavy and overwhelming.

But newcomer Maisie Huang doesn’t know that. For her, Hank’s infamous deed is proof that Hank is just the kid to help her steal her neighbor’s dog, Booler, who remains chained day and night to a tree. Working together Hank and Maisie create a friendship that stretches them both, a friendship born of difference, imagination, and a commitment to being the heroes of not only Booler’s story, but their own.

We Could Be Heroes is published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

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Bold girl stands near a poster reading "Susie B. Won't Back Down."

Roll with It meets Absolutely Normal Chaos in this funny, big-hearted novel about a young girl’s campaign for student council president, told through letters to her hero Susan B. Anthony.

Susie B. has a lot to say. Like how it’s not fair that she has to be called Susie B. instead of plain Susie. Or about how polar bears are endangered. Or how the Usual Geniuses are always getting picked for cool stuff over the kids like her with butterflies in their brain. And it’s because Susie B. has a lot to say about these very important things that she’s running for student council president!

If she’s president, she can advocate for the underdogs just like her hero and fellow Susie B., Susan B. Anthony. (And, okay, maybe the chance to give big speeches to the whole school with a microphone is another perk.) But when the most usual of Usual Geniuses also enters the student council race, Susie realizes this may be a harder won fight than she thought. Even worse, Susie discovers that Susan B. Anthony wasn’t as great as history makes it seem, and she did some pretty terrible things to try to help her own cause. Soon, Susie has her own tough decisions to make. But one thing is for sure—no matter what, Susie B. won’t back down.

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