School Visits and Resources for Teachers, Parents and Librarians

About School Visits

Margaret is not only an author. She also teaches professors at California State University, Los Angeles how to embed writing best practices into their courses. Her dynamic and interactive school visits bring the thrill of reading and writing alive. Students learn not only about writing, but they learn strategies to help them grow as writers themselves.

During the COVID-19 crisis, Margaret is happy to visit your school via ZOOM or Skype. Twenty minute virtual visits are free! For more extended visits, contact Margaret by clicking the contact link in the menu of my homepage.

The Susie B. News–a downloadable activity page for kids, parents, and teachers

The assignment the book forgot! It didn’t make it in the book, but Susie also made an “historical” newspaper as part of her hero assignment. It’s got jokes, a coloring page, a word search, and some crazy stories that only Susie B. could spin. Get your free copy here.

About using WE COULD BE HEROES in the classroom

Interested in using We Could Be Heroes or Susie B. Won’t Back Down as part of your curriculum? Download a free, easy-to-copy Discussion Guide. Both guides include discussion questions, activities, and worksheets that are aligned with specified Common Core State Standards.

Geology crafts and activities for kids

In WE COULD BE HEROES, Hank Hudson loves rocks–and that’s because rocks are cool! For summer 2020, look here each week to find a new geology craft or activity that you can do at home!

Get the Dirt on Where you Live: Learn about the earth history of your home, and then explore your surroundings to get the full picture.

Make a Hot Fudge Volcano: Watch a cool five-minute video on volcanoes from National Geographic and then make a delicious hot fudge volcano that gives you a taste of molten volcano power in action.

Crazy, Amazing Salt: Make a model glacier out of ice and then see what happens when salt is added to the mix. Also learn other cool facts about this most versatile of minerals.

Can you make an ice water glacier? Try and find out?

Make Your Own Eggshell Geodes: Watch a cool video on how nature makes geodes and then make your own using eggshells, alum, food coloring, and glue. Also learn other cool facts about amazing, beautiful geodes.

three pink and purple eggshell "geodes"
Make eggshell geodes like these!